I need your help — today!

You can't vote against Donald Trump this November.  But you can send a loud, clear message by defeating Trump's friends and the things he stands for.  And in my home state of Virginia, Election Day is just a few months away.  

I’m not a politician.  In fact, I’ve never run for office before.  I'm just a husband, a father, and an ER nurse who’s worried about what’s happening to our country.  And I'm ready to fight back.  

My opponent is as Trumpy as they come.  He tried to pass a law forcing women to undergo unnecessary and invasive transvaginal ultrasounds when making private medical decisions.  He tried to encourage racial profiling by turning local police officers into a "papers please" deportation force.  And he successfully passed a photo ID law making it harder for Virginians to vote.  

Will you help me fight these policies today?


If we turn Virginia blue this November, there's so much we can do.  We can require that every presidential candidate release his or her tax returns to get on the Virginia ballot in 2020.  We can expand Medicaid to help working Virginians enjoy the benefits of the Affordable Care Act.  And we can redraw district lines, not just for the state legislature, but for Virginia's Congressional seats in Washington.  

But we can only do it with your help.  Will you join our campaign today? Together, we can turn the tide against Trumpism.

Thank you!

Kellen Squire, RN/BSN Clinician III, Candidate for Virginia's 58th House District


P.S.  The easiest way to support the campaign is to contribute with the ActBlue button or with the web form on this page.  But if you prefer to contribute by check, here's our mailing address:

Kellen Squire for Delegate
PO Box 250
3445 Seminole Trail
Charlottesville, VA 22911